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Does anyone else remember Slimey?He recently came up in a conversation about Oscar the Grouch’s friends.

Does anyone else remember Slimey?
He recently came up in a conversation about Oscar the Grouch’s friends.

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    Slimey was one of my favorites. Because it made Oscar a real person. Sort of.
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Photobucket Danielle. 21. Attending Central Michigan University. Studying Children's and Young Adult. I have an incredible boyfriend that I love more than anything. He completely changed my life for the better. <3

Yet I am still mostly just... Bored and Boring. And a lot of times in a bad mood. My moods help me write though...even though I haven't in ages.

And I do try to find a relevant gif for every post. So that makes things a little more fun. Lol.
I should warn you, I am a Harry Potter fanatic.
This includes, and is not limited to, posts about the different pairings I ship, the beautiful cast, the inspiring author, and anything that might relate. Oh, and Tom Felton as Draco, Tom Felton in any other role, and TOM FELTON being incredibly sexy!

But this is mainly a "whatever the fuck I want to post!" blog. Enjoy! :)

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